* Dinosaurs
* Farm Animals
* Zoo Animals
* Australian Animals
* Family Pets
* Chicken and Egg Life Cycle
* Healthy Choices
(The Amazing Brain Show)
* Musical Instruments
* Making Friends
* Butterfly Life Cycle
* Frog Life Cycle
* Plants Life Cycle
* Australian Phonics
* Colours, Numbers & Shapes
* American Phonics
* Children Of The World
Designed In Collaboration With Early Childhood Educators for:-

Windows PC's - Interactive Whiteboards - Touch Screens - Desktop Computers - Big Screen TV's
Interactive Multimedia Engages and Inspires Early Learners
"This resources pack is an awesome time-saver and the kids love it"
- Danielle, ECT, Gold Coast
The KIDS KEYPAD For Windows PCs Features The 15 Most Popular Early Education Topics
Specifically Designed to Align with EYLF Outcomes and State Kindergarten Learning Guidelines
How to connect a Windows Laptop to a big screen or TV
FARM - Brian wonders which animal makes the milk that he drinks.
PETS - Brian wants a pet that will go for walks with him.
ZOO - Brian sees many animals are at the Zoo and hears the sounds they make.
CHICKEN Life Cycle - Interactive sound and images with audio commentary.
DINOSAURS  - Brian wonders what dinosaurs looked and sounded like.
AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS - Brian wonders what animals look sound like.
FROG Life Cycle - Images with audio for each stage of the Life Cycle.
BUTTERFLY Life Cycle - Images with audio for each stage of the Life Cycle.
PLANTS Life Cycle - Images with video for each stage of the Growth Cycle.

MUSIC - Brian asks many instruments "Do you make the sound a violin makes?"
HEALTHY CHOICES - What we need  for our bodies and brains to work properly.
Making FRIENDS - We get to know people by asking them questions.
Watch and listen to video modelling.
Watch and listen to video modelling.
CHILDREN of the WORLD - See and hear children from many lands say HELLO.
Watch and listen to video modelling.

Our Facebook Interactive Teaching Community Group suggest new topics and discuss the appropriate content. Subscribers have access to all free program updates.
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The Back Story

Trevor & Annie Boulton established boultons Multimedia in 1996 to develop and produce innovative multimedia programs for the tourism and education sectors.

In 2013, after many years working with the mental health sector, The Brain Health Education Institute was established to provide foundational mental health resilience resources and Professional Development for educators and families of early learners.

Next, 'The Amazing Brain Show', an arts council approved multimedia show was delivered into early learning centres. Whilst travelling and presenting the show, they noticed an ever increasing number of Windows based interactive whiteboards and touch screens were being under-utilized due to a lack of quality Australian resources for educators to use on them.

In 2017, in order to meet the demand for the delivery of the Brain Health message and resources, the Boultons decided to package their Amazing Brain Show and PD resources as a Windows multimedia program which could be purchased by centres and used at any time to reinforce healthy choices and body science discussions and lessons.

Consequently, (in collaboration with early childhood teachers), the 'Interactive Teaching Resources' project began. The brain health message, along with many other time saving resources across many topics, are now available for educators to use with their Windows white boards, PC's and touch screens.

These resources are combined in to one, easy-access, interface - 'KIDS KEYPAD' Resources Pack which is available as a Site Licence subscription for educators and as a Family Licence for family day care and cregivers .

The 'Interactive Teaching Community' Facebook members suggest and collaborate on new titles. This enables the package to be updated regularly to meet educators’ needs, saving them valuable time in preparation hours.